Here is what our clients have to say…


“I waited and waited to try the Body Reset Cleanse because I couldn’t wrap my head around having to shop and prep the food. I wish I had started months ago because when I FINALLY did I FELT BETTER than I’ve felt in years by DAY 3! I literally woke up feeling amazing and it lasts all day!

I have my ENERGY back, BRAIN FOG is gone, ANXIETY is gone, menopause JOINT PAIN is gone and my love handles and belly are melting away. DON’T WAIT another day…
I am thrilled with how I feel from eating this easy to prep (it’s just chopping), DELICIOUS food on the cleanse.

When I get cravings at night due to menopause I simply have the night time remedy drink, which also relaxes me, and my hunger thoughts are gone. I wish I had done it sooner.

It is amazing to see how quickly it works, what little preparation it actually entails, and that there IS a SOLUTION to what ails you and you’ll feel better than you have in years! I will use this for good health maintenance forever because it truly does TURN AROUND My Health. YAY!


My Body Reset Cleanse notes:

Day 1 – took “before” cleanse picture

Day 3 – not hungry.. surprising. Lots of bathroom visits, HOORAY as I have always been constipated.

Day 6 – clothes feeling “bigger”

Day 7 – I am sleeping like a log, only get up once a night! Heavenly after years of getting up 3 to 4 up times every night and then cannot get back to sleep after 4am.

Day 8 – went to a luncheon, took my own salad. No problem wasn’t even tempted! That was shocking!!

Week 2 – still not hungry, no cravings, so satisfied!! Luncheon again, girls asking how much weight I have lost!! They said I look younger too, AMAZING! I love the results I am getting.

Week 3 – People are asking me how I am doing this… they want the info, I am a walking bill board for this cleanse, Lol! Am into my “too tight” pants and they are too loose!

Week 4 – Went from XL to medium in tops. Down three sizes in pants.

And one more note, the skin on my arms and legs at 73 years old has been really thin and wrinkly. The skin on my arms and legs now is 20 years younger, it is incredible, yeah, no more long sleeves.


This reading was after just the first week of the cleanse. I was down to normal from my regular borderline prehypertension and high blood pressure numbers. That was quick.

Second week, I finally jumped on a scale… Down 15lbs.

Final weight loss at the end of the twenty-eight day cleanse was 20 lbs total.


I did all this just by eating yummy whole foods…

  • lost 13 lbs in 28 days
  • my skinny clothes have know moved to the front of the closet
  • MORE than just weight loss… restful sleep, great energy, no more evening munchies, cravings suppressed even after the 28 days ended!
  • more than just a cleanse, a true transformation!

(and all I did was eat.)


I am so thrilled in just two weeks of being on your Body Reset Cleanse program:

  • Start weight 124, two weeks later weight 109.
  • I dropped 15 pounds in two weeks of cleansing with working out regularly and sweating.
  • The weight reduction was rapid but here it is weeks later and the pounds are staying off.
  • My skin is not as dry, do not need moisturizer anymore.
  • My skin has cleared up, no more acne breakouts.
  • Heightened sense of clarity.
  • Sleep has been more restful (no longer taking sleep supplements).
  • Stopped pressing the snooze button repeatedly in the morning.
  • Do not need an afternoon nap anymore.
  • Popping out of bed, well rested, energized.
  • No more energy drops during the day.
  • No pain of any kind.
  • I had frequent bags under my eyes that are now gone.
  • I had a pair of skinny jeans that I was ready to give up on. After the second week of the cleanse these pants fit me with wiggle room!
  • I got my flat stomach back, no more bloat.
  • My eyebrow hair has grown back that was missing in the full brow.
  • Weekly acupuncture cupping is no longer bruising me.



When I started the Body Reset Cleanse I was skeptical. I have tried everything over the years to shed the weight and had to struggle through it every time. Driving my family nuts with my swinging moods.

I am completely astonished at how great I felt throughout this cleanse. No cravings, no bad moods. I even enjoyed the food and it was simple to make. I lost a lot of weight overall and my puffiness and bloat is gone. Within the first week I was sleeping through the night, my arthritis calmed down and my skin issues started clearing up. I have suffered from IBS for years and from the first day to the last, no symptoms at all. By the end of the month I looked like a different person, ten years younger. I am thrilled!


It was amazing; right after the first meal I felt like a human being again.


In just ten days of the cleanse program my psoriasis is so much better, this is miraculous!


Do you ever get tired of people saying how great your food is and how much they appreciate your approach to healing and caring. Thank you so much, it was awesome.


Doing really well after only the first two weeks of the cleanse. I am feeling better overall. I’m surprised that I haven’t really had the cravings I thought I would have. I don’t really miss the animal protein at all, not even cheese. I am doing amazing on this diet!


I want to thank you for your incredible teachings and dedication to educate people to make better health choices, I am a big fan!


Thank you for a new lease on life. Not only have I lost a lot of weight but I just got back from the doctor and he is taking me off of my high blood pressure medication. I no longer need it. He said whatever I am doing, keep it up. And I will, I have learned a lot in this short period of time and I am forever grateful to have found you!