Body Reset Cleanse

The Body Reset Cleanse is a powerful 28-day detox and cleanse program with a REDUCE-RECHARGE-RESET approach for optimal results.

Based on a 7 Day Menu this program is perfect for a quick one week jumpstart too!

Need to shed some pounds quickly, reduce bloating and inflammation? Check out this natural health approach – all done with whole foods. Mother Nature knows best.


  • Detox your body with natural whole foods and the efficiency of a plant-based diet.
  • Promote the loss of excess weight and unwanted stagnation in the body.
  • Cleanse the liver, improve blood quality.
  • Decrease abdominal bloating and overall puffiness with cultured foods that fortify digestion.


  • A diet structured to achieve sustained blood alkalinity which allows the body to naturally self heal.
  • Naturally boosting the immune system through fermented foods rich in probiotics.
  • Real nourishment that helps to free you from daily nagging cravings.
  • Recipes promoting the increase of energy levels during the day.
  • A program that enhances a more restful sleep through the night.


  • A cleanse is a great way to jump-start your body for a more active, healthier life.
  • A natural diet and lifestyle helps promote wellness, longevity and ongoing happiness.

The Body Reset Includes:

  • 7-day plant-based menu.
  • Body Reset Cleanse starter kit*.
  • Weekly grocery shopping list.
  • A simple kitchen plan for busy schedules.
  • Delicious recipes, balanced for cleansing and nourishing.
  • Bonus gift – a subscription to our Recipe Library which now includes online cooking classes!

This is a program created for RAPID RESULTS. Your modern-day stress-filled life needs a health reset to let go of the baggage that is slowing you down. Our plan of action is designed to naturally detoxify and cleanse your system with energizing nourishment from a plant-based diet to give your body a reset for a better tomorrow.

Please note to successfully participate in this cleanse you will need access to a kitchen to do basic food preparation.

This cleanse includes juices as well as both raw and cooked dishes. If your digestion does not respond well to raw dishes, just ask, we will supply cooked options to aide you in the process.

This program is gluten free.

Once you purchase this program your starter kit and recipe cards will be on their way. Within a week your packages should arrive to get you started and set you on the path to feeling great again.

* The Body Reset Cleanse starter kit includes top-of-the-line organic ingredients:  adzuki beans, kukicha tea, kombu, kuzu, miso, umeboshi paste and wakame. These ingredients come from the powerful practice of Macrobiotics and are used for creating alkalinity within the body for optimal healing and to boost the cleansing process.

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