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A recent quote from a Body Reset Cleanse participant…

  “After only a week, my arthritic shoulder pain is almost gone. Normally I wake up many times each night because my shoulders hurt so much. I woke up today after 7 1/2 hours and felt like something was missing – it was the pain. Several doctors had told me that the only thing I could do for this was painful stretching and taking pain medications. This is really exciting!” […]

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Why I created a cleanse program…

For many years I have taught people how to regain their health using their food as the main tool for healing. I have witnessed incredible transformations. In my classes and workshops I built up a following. I taught weekly classes throughout the year for a decade. My regular students changed before my eyes, turned around their health and thrived. This process took time, months for some, years for others as they […]

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