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“Fit & Trim For Life” eBook Review

“Jeanne Grosset has created a beautiful, easy-to-read, easy-to-implement book, full of wisdom and inspiration. “Fit and Trim for Life” makes do-able suggestions about food, activity and attitude that the reader can put into practice NOW. Her writing is friendly and accessible, and the stories she includes–from students, clients and even her family–show how powerful simple changes can be. I would recommend this e-book for anyone who wants to start a […]

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Live in Los Angeles and don’t have time to cook?

Body Reset Cleanse “To Go” Pack With our introduction of our cleanse program we have heard the cries of our local friends, “please just cook it for me…” You got it! Package includes: – 7 days of fresh food and beverages. – Organic, plant based, gluten free dishes. – Our protein rich, high fiber, alkaline diet plan designed to cleanse the body, strengthen digestion and boost the immune system. Local Pickup: […]

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Simple, elegant and easy.

“This cleanse is the equivalent of Steve Jobs’ black turtleneck. Simple, elegant, easy, appropriate for all occasions. Bringing quiet mindfulness, to the preparation and eating, but not requiring much thought at all. I love how many meals can be made out of so little food. So lovely to finally settle into it… just finished day 5. Feeling calmer, more centered and focused, sleeping so much better.” – Tish Hisk

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Love it!

  “LOVE this cleanse program. At 74 years old I now sleep better than in 20 years, am down three sizes, all my bloated puffiness is gone, no more arthritis pain and I have had no symptoms of my IBS since I started the diet. Thank you so much this has changed my life!” – Valerie Agostinelli

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Blood sugar regulation results.

“19 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I have controlled it all but 5 brief periods with diet and exercise. Recently I had let myself go, and the numbers were worse than borderline. As time goes on, this gets harder to correct. I am 67, 5-7, and weigh 203. The day before I started my fasting blood sugar was 157. Today, on day 6, blood sugar 2 […]

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Heart smart and losing the pounds…

“These results were after just the first week of the cleanse. Down from my “regular” readings that were border lining prehypertention and high blood pressure for the last couple of years. And I lost of total of 20 pounds with the cleanse in the twenty eight days. Efficient.” – Dan Cigno

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Goodbye sleep apnea!

“I have (had) sleep apnea. I have been sleeping with a CPAP machine for a year now in order to get a fairly good night’s sleep. Normally I wake up/get up 2 or 3 times a night. In recent years I have been getting up 7 or 8 times per night, getting very little sleep. The last two nights I slept through the entire night, without the machine, without waking […]

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Sharing Success!

“I did all this just by eating yummy whole foods… – lost 13 lbs in 28 days – my skinny clothes have know moved to the front of the closet – MORE than just weight loss… restful sleep, great energy, no more evening munchies, cravings suppressed even after the cleanse ended! – more than just a cleanse, a true transformation! (and all I did was eat.)” – Chris Thank you […]

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